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Historical Context

Burt Garfield Loescher (1917-2006) was a significant researcher on Roger’s Rangers. Robert Rogers (1731-1795) was an American-born soldier and adventurer who served in the British Army during both the French and Indian War and the American Revolutionary War.
During the French and Indian War, Rogers raised companies of soldiers, dubbed “rangers” and known for their bold exploits in the Lake Champlain and Lake George regions of Northern New York. His military strategies were the inspiration for the formation of the U.S. Army’s elite Ranger Corps and he continues to capture the public’s imagination as the main character in novels, films, and television.

Scope of Collection

In 2004, the Ticonderoga Historical Society received eight cubic feet of Loescher’s original research into Roger’s Rangers. This collection includes an unpublished
manuscript, as well as rosters of enlisted men not previously published. Rosters also include listings of Loyalist officers who served under Rogers during the American Revolution.