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Erieville-Nelson Heritage Society


This month, New York Heritage Digital Collections is proud to feature images from the Erieville-Nelson Heritage Society. Named for the hamlet of Erieville and the town of Nelson in Madison County, the images in this collection capture myriad aspects of life in a small over the first half of the twentieth century.


The larger image, above, shows workers digging out the railroad track after a large snowstorm. Snow and ice were a fact of life during this period, as they are now, and images in the collection show ice cutting on the lake, a small town parate, a number of farm houses and business buildings of the era, portraits from town Grangers, and more. Visit the collection today!


The Erieville-Nelson Heritage Society was formed Feb. 23 1984 with the main objective to discover, collect, and preserve our historical records and other data relating to Erieville and Nelson area and to make that information available to the public.


This collection is part of the Central New York region, as featured on our browse page.