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Jones Homestead in 1910

Henrietta Public Library


Preserving the heritage of the community is an important role of the Henrietta Public Library. The Henrietta Public Library has amassed a collection of local history materials relating to Henrietta, New York for use by the public. While the physical collection of local history resources is located in the library, this website provides an entry-point for preview of our materials and services.


Collection materials include the Henrietta Public Library Photograph Collection which contains a variety of photographs consisting of the people, places, and events throughout Henrietta's history. Of interest to researchers are a collection of the letters of Abram Lincoln, otherwise known as A.B. Lincoln, a native of Henrietta, NY. He attended West Point and served the U.S. Military, reaching the rank of 1st Lieutenant and fighting in the Mexican-American War. He died in Pilatka, Florida in 1852. He is buried in the Maplewood Cemetery in Henrietta, NY. This collection contains some of the correspondence between Abram Lincoln and various people.