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Fred Rann

Albany Law School


Albany Law School is the oldest independent school of law. Amos Dean, Ira Harris, and Amasa Parker founded the school in 1851 on the principle of having a more structured educational program for lawyers, at a time when to become a lawyer one became a legal clerk before taking the bar exam. Albany Law School has several notable alumni including David Brewer (U.S. Supreme Court Justice), Robert H. Jackson (U.S. Supreme Court Justice), William McKinley (25th President of the United States), and Kate Stoneman (first woman admitted to the New York Bar), to name a few. It is Albany Law School’s mission to provide an excellence in teaching and learning for students, faculty, alumni, the bench and bar, and our community at large including local, state, regional, national, and global communities.


The digital images represent the long history of the school as it has changed and grown. The Albany Law School Digital Collection celebrates the past while looking toward the future.