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Union College Elizabeth Taylor Postcard Collection

Union College

Dates of Original: c. 1900 - 1950

Union College, located in Schenectady, New York, is a private liberal arts college. It was founded in 1795 and was originally an all-men’s college. In 1970, Union College became co-educational. The college offers a variety of undergraduate programs for its students and offers a substantial amount of extracurricular activities as well, including sports, clubs, fraternities and sororities for students to join. One of the prominent faculty members was Warren Crosby Taylor, a Civil Engineering Professor, who wrote books regarding the topic of elementary surveying.

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Crystal Beach

Buffalo History Museum

Dates of Original: 1896 - 1926

History of Amusement Parks
The early pleasure gardens of Europe are considered by historians to be a forerunner of modern amusement parks where the entertainments included theatre shows, firework displays, and dancing and drinking booths. The most noted of these include Vauxhall Gardens (Britain) and Tivoli Gardens (Denmark). The advent of the railway and the arrival of the Industrial Revolution resulted in a renewed popularity of the travelling fairs in the mid-19th century. The traveling fair allowed people from all walks of life to share in the experiences of entertainment.... Read more

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Robert Joki Stereoscopic Collection of Saratoga Springs NY

Saratoga Springs Public Library

The Robert Joki Stereoview collection at the Saratoga Springs Public Library illustrates the rich upbringing of Saratoga Springs, NY, from the tapping of the natural spring system, the development of Broadway in the 19th century, and the ravaging fires that shaped Saratoga's cityscape.

Through a simple trick of the mind, stereoview presents two offset photographs with use of a stereogram to create 3D depth from 2D images. Stereoviews were increasingly popular in the mid-1800s and captured anything from mundane life to beautiful environments lost with time.

With 1,435... Read more

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Brentwood Pen and Ink Drawings

Brentwood Public Library

Dates of Original: 1978

Marie Diccie is a resident of Brentwood and an artist who focuses on pen and ink drawings to illustrate historical monuments in Long Island.

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