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Oneida County Anti-Slavery Petitions

Utica College - Center for Historical Research

Dates of Original: 1834 - 1854

The abolitionist movement began in Oneida County in the 1830s when anti-slavery societies were formed and the Underground Railroad made its way to the region. Petitions from the citizens of Oneida County’s townships to the United States government protest the continuation and expansion of slavery. From 1834 to 1854, these local petitions called for the end of slavery, the slave trade, and the institution’s expansion into the newly acquired Nebraska, Florida, and Texas territories. Additionally, the petitioners called for the reinstatement of the Missouri Compromise after its 1854 repeal... Read more

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Hudson River Night Boat Collection

Hudson River Maritime Museum

From their earliest days, Hudson River steamboats ran at night as well as during the day. Although not a numerous as their daytime counterparts, night boats quickly became popular, especially with businessmen who wanted to travel between New York and Albany without missing daylight working hours. Smaller night boats carried cargo—mostly food products, including milk—to New York City from upriver ports as well as transporting some passengers.

By the 1860s, night boats had become large, elegant vessels favored by wealthy New Yorkers. They featured crystal chandeliers, gilded woodwork... Read more

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Agricola and Paysonian Yearbooks

State University of New York at Canton - Southworth Library

Dates of Original: 1911-2016

The Agricola and Paysonian are the yearbooks for the State University of New York at Canton throughout its history, as the Canton School of Agriculture, Canton ATI, Canton ATC, and SUNY Canton.

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History of Tuberculosis at Crouse Hospital

Crouse Health - Medical Library

Dates of Original: 1889-1924

Crouse Hospital has had a profound impact on the health of Central New Yorkers since its inception in 1887. Originally incorporated as a hospital specializing in women’s and children’s health, Crouse has been integral in improving public health in Syracuse. The tuberculosis epidemic in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries hit Syracuse particularly hard, and was a defining moment in the history of the hospital and in fighting tuberculosis. The Crouse Hospital Library Archives contains the records of Crouse-Irving Hospital, Syracuse Memorial Hospital their precursors and affiliated Schools... Read more

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